These 2 Freemium Social Plugins for WordPress are the only ones you will ever need


Why do you need Social Plugins in WordPress?

We have talked about the best free multi-purpose wordpress themes for content sites here, ones that will set you off nicely at little to no cost.

We have also talked about the best page builders for wordpress, that would make your site sleeker than ever.

For content creators however, social sharing and posting becomes one of the things of paramount importance, as the entire concept of its success is built on getting more eyeballs to the project organically, paid ads can only do so much.

Hence, we at Nascent Rocket, have out together a concise list of freemium plugins, that you can look at, to streamline social needs of your site.

Feature Priorities for Social Plugins in WordPress

The main priorities we are looking at are :

  • ease of sharing
  • ease of posting to multiple sites at once
  • ease of setting up backend APIs
  • ease of customisation of UI (buttons, interfaces, etc.)
  • pricing
What’s even better? We have been able to reduce the number of must-have plugins for basic necessary functionalities to only 2. For tracking and analytics, we will be coming up with another post soon.

So, without any further delay, let’s jump right into it.

Sassy Social Share

sassy social share

Sassy Social Share is a plugin that adds a social share-ability to all your posts, as well as pages, if you want to. 

The main features of the plugin are as follows

Extremely easy to set up

– Separate settings panel available in the Dashboard 

– Short-code friendly

– Standard and floating interfaces available

– Responsive structure, adapts itself to mobile very nicely

– Sizing, design and overall all customisation options are there

-Over 40 social networks to choose from

– The free version is more than capable of solving your basic social sharing needs

200000 +
0 /5
0 +
Our Score - 4.8


After using many other plugins, Sassy Social Share is the best plugin we have found, that resolves our needs, and that too, mostly for free.



Blog2Social is another plugin that wowed us on use. Like Sassy Social Share, it has a free version with premium versions available with added features, but in general, the free one is good enough for basic needs of pushing your content to all your social handles with single clicks.


– Easy to set up and separate settings panel available in Dashboard

– Auto-posting is available in the premium version – perfect for aggregator and auto-blogging sites

– Multiple handles can be linked (there is a limit per social network in the free version)

– Collections can be made with different social networks and content can be pushed in single clicks

– All major social networks covered, set up is also comparatively easy with login credentials

– The free version is quite good and reliable, 30-day trial of premium also available

– Upgrade to premium starts at only 7$ monthly


200000 +
0 /5
0 +
Our Score - 4.7

In our opinion, if you are looking for a cheap, reliable plugin to be able to push your content across pages and handles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube and others, this plugin is your best bet.

We tried a lot of others, and none of them performed as well as Blog2Social. (free ones)

Also, the premium version has a lot of added features, like, A LOT!

Happy Building!

Do let us know if we can help, or if you have any questions. We are happy to help!

If you are looking for custom services, do check out our Services tab for solutions. We have tailor made long-term offerings for start-ups, personal projects, SMEs and brands; as well as standalone deployments.

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