3 Easy Steps to set up Google, Facebook and SEO Analytics for your WordPress site in 2020

analytics for wordpress

Why do you need Analytics in WordPress?

We have talked about the best free multi-purpose wordpress themes for content sites here, ones that will set you off nicely at little to no cost.

We have also talked about the best page builders for wordpress, that would make your site sleeker than ever.

For a functioning site however, you need to leverage the most precious item that the digital world has of today – DATA. That is where Data Analytics comes in. It will give you 

  • a much better understanding of your traffic flow
  • give you inputs on how to reach more of your target audience
  • create and deliver better ads
  • overall, make your site way more business efficient

Main Analytics Requirements

The main priorities we are looking at are :

  • Setting up Google Analytics to understand traffic flow and demography-timing details
  • Setting up Facebook Pixel to gauge social presence and to run better ads
  • Setting up SEO in-site, so that we can optimise our posts and pages on the go
With these three steps complete, our site will be optimised to utilise analytics to up our game.

So, without any further delay, let’s jump right into it.

Google Analytics using Monsterinsights

google analytics

Google Analytics is the one stop solution for all your traffic needs – it gives you detailed break-up of every bit of data that you might require to optimise your site.

The steps to set up are also very simple

– Go to Google Analytics and sign up for a new account, or log in

– Go to ‘Admin’ at the bottom left and create a new ‘Property’

– Link your website and get the analytics.js tracking code under ‘Tracking’

– Go back to your WordPress admin panel

– Go to ‘Theme Editor’ under Appearances, and paste the code above the </head> tag in your Header template


Alternately, you can simply add the Monsterinsights plugin to your WordPress site, and then undergo the setup process, where you authorise Monsterinsights to your Analytics dashboard.

With just a few simple clicks, the code will be installed on your website. In the free version, you will be able to see the site summary in the wordpress admin panel itself, but for detailed insights, you would have to use the Google Analytics dashboard.

The paid version of Monsterinsights, would give you access to many data pointers and lots more in wordpress itself.

200000 +
0 /5
0 +


Either way, you would be set up with Analytics for Google in no time, and would be equipped to leverage the power of the search engine.

SEO Optimisation using Rankmath


Rankmath is one of the fastest growing names in the world of SEO for WordPress.

– It is completely free to set up

– Comes with separate settings in your WP dashboard

– It gives you post-wise feature-wise scores on the go, so that you can optimise your posts

– It integrates with Elementor – the best page builder out there

– You can set up and connect your Rankmath account to get even more features

200000 +
0 /5
0 +

We love Rankmath even more than established names like Yoast SEO, mainly because it does for free what Yoast needs premium extensions for.

Facebook Analytics using Pixel

Facebook pixel

Setting up a FB pixel and related analytics is a must to retarget, build a custom audience, or a lookalike audience on Facebook, Instagram or the Audience Network. The setup is simple :

– Go to ‘Events Manager’ from your FB Business account or Ad account (set one up if you don’t have already)

– Set up a new ‘Data Source’ by adding your website name

– Copy the code and go back to your wordpress admin panel like for Google Analytics

– Paste it before the </head> tag in the Header template inside ‘Theme Editor’ 

– Go back to Facebook and test the code by directing a test traffic to your site

– You can also set up individual ‘Events’ for your site in Events Manager to further segregate actions on your website, for better custom audience creation

Alternatively, there is a plugin developed by Facebook, for wordpress, that integrates everything.

However, it is rated very poorly by users and was found to slow down the website by large amounts of time, and makes it buggy. So, our suggestion would be to avoid it and install the code manually.

Happy Building!

Do let us know if we can help, or if you have any questions. We are happy to help!

If you are looking for custom services, do check out our Services tab for solutions. We have tailor made long-term offerings for start-ups, personal projects, SMEs and brands; as well as standalone deployments.

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