The Best Content & Affiliate Plugins for WordPress in 2020

the best content & affiliate plugins for wordpress in 2020

Importance of Content & Affiliate Websites

While Woocommerce is something that has brought in extended varied usage to the WordPress CMS in terms of online stores and e-commerce, blogs and content producing sites are what made WordPress so popular in the first place.

Even today, majority of the websites hosted on wordpress are content sites, with most of them being personal blogs, professional portfolios, or affiliate sites; and the common denominator in all of them is SEO-rich content, that are targeted at particular niches.

Especially, in 2020, with so many sites popping up in the same domain every day, niche targeting has become of more paramount importance than ever.

Hence, we take a look at the top content plugins available on wordpress today, that can help the process of content creation a lot easier.

Why is Auto-blogging Outdated?

Before we start however, we feel like there needs to be some light shed on the concept of auto-blogging, which is a principal side application of the plugins we are going to discuss.

Auto-blogging is basically the concept of importing (read, scraping) content from other sites, and posting them on your own, with at max, a source link being posted for the original creator, which adds a backlink for them.

While, like web scraping, auto-blogging is not strictly illegal either, it can easily open you up to lawsuits if the original content creator feels like pursuing it. 

But the biggest drawback today is, that the only way to monetise such ventures, by ad network integration, is slowly being taken away. Google Adsense has already started rejecting such applications, and it has been added in the TnC as well. Other sites are sure to follow soon enough.

Also, to do this legally, you need to enter syndication agreements with the original content creators, and syndication agreements with reliable networks run into thousands of dollars, making it unfeasible.

In addition, you have many of the media houses in syndication amongst themselves already, hence, making the content already available at sites which are quite popular, and leading to duplication of the content, hence, a loss in its value.


Datafeedr is simply the top plugin for affiliate marketing in the business.

– Fully integrable with your woocommerce store, imports products directly

– Allows cross-platform searches on merchants to find best products to promote

– Data of over 450 Mn+ products from 14000+ websites available for parsing

– Options to add as many as 15 filters to the products on display, for ease of users

– New products that match your search results get automatically added into the store, which is an immensely important functionality to have

– Services start from 39$ monthly


Content Egg is the most popular content-affiliate plugin for woocommerce, developed by WPSoul. 

While Content Egg has a free version for use, to unlock the true potential of the plugin and all its important features, we recommend going for the Pro version.

– Easy installation post purchase by simply adding .zip file

– Perfect for affiliate websites, niche-content websites, and price comparison websites

– Comes with automatic short-codes for Price History trend lines, and auto updates prices (which is a necessity for being partners with the big brands like Amazon)


– Great for audience building using signup options for Price Drop, Price Crossover, etc.

– Easy to import credible content in the form of text, audio, video, etc. from innumerable sources including Youtube 

– Supports over 30+ top level modules, including Amazon, Alibaba, Walmart, Flipkart, Envato, and many more

– Priced at only 55$


Content Egg has the best top-of-mind recall for us when it comes to monetizable content production via affiliate marketing and price comparison.


WordPress Automatic is an affordable content tool for importing content from various websites into your website. 

– While best applied to syndication websites, it can also be used to sample popular content on the web and use them as a base for creating your own.

– Great tool to build custom feeds for Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and several other social media platforms

– Allows import of content from any web-page of any website, and also via the good ol’ RSS Feeds

– Allows affiliate marketing via top marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Clickbank, Envato and others

– Priced at only 30$

So, while we feel that Datafeedr is the best for simple affiliate marketing websites, and WordPress Automatic for importing content and content feeds, Content Egg is definitely the choice if you want a mix of the two, which is the case with most websites.

Happy Building!

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