6 Deciding factors in choosing a Theme for your WordPress website

6 factors in choosing a wordpress theme

Powering millions of websites around the world, it is safe to say that WordPress is PHP’s greatest gift to mankind. Not only has WordPress enabled millions around the world to take the first step towards achieving their dreams, it has meant many established businesses have taken their brick-and-mortars online, and many bloggers earning a livelihood through just their wits and passion.

But, all that starts with a theme.

So, here are the six deciding factors that we at Nascent Rocket think should be deal-makers or breakers in light of 2020.


While design has long stepped down from being the deciding factor in selecting a theme, the visual and sentimental likes and dislikes of your target audience still plays a major role in the overall selection of the UI/UX of your website.

However, design should not be the absolute focus, keeping the other following pointers also in mind.


While WordPress has a wonderful repository of free themes to choose from, on many occasions, established businesses must go that one step extra to build a sleeker website. Let’s face it, most good WordPress themes cost in the range of 59$-99$, and no established or semi-established business should compromise on quality for such a meagre amount.

However, the developing source of the theme must be verified and kept in mind, because lacklustre support and spammy themes have long plagued the industry. Demo availability is a must.


The best things in this world are simple, and a theme is no different. However visually appealing it may be, a theme should be customisable with little or no effort. This holds especially true if its a personal project or group venture, and there is no dedicated coder in the mix.

Also, even if outsourced, an external coder would most likely take a good amount of time and money to customise a theme developed by somebody else.


SEO is one of the top headaches of any website developer in the world. With algorithms changing at the whims of Google, and their constant effort to maximise traffic to Google pages, makes it very very difficult for a website to rank on the first page. But, here’s the thing – You Have To!

So, any theme that doesn’t have options of basic hierarchy, taxonomy and other SEO optimisibilities, is quite frankly, waste of time and money.


Similar to SEO, Mobile traffic is the other aspect a developer has to keep in mind without fail, and that means Responsiveness of the theme to different screen sizes and resolutions.

While most themes today are in general mobile responsive, still, before going for either a free or a paid version, it is a good idea to verify that.


Lastly, while the price of even the best WordPress themes isn’t exorbitantly high to put a hole in your pocket, you should realise that thriftiness at the beginning of any venture is a good practice for the times to come, be it good or bad.

Hence, our suggestion would be to not blow a significant amount of money on a theme at the go – instead a better option would be to Test Deploy your WordPress Site locally and test out various free themes and their outlooks.

You can also check out our list of best free themes in 2020.

Happy Building!

Do let us know if you have any questions, we would be happy to help!

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