The Best Affordable VPS Providers for your WordPress site in 2020

best vps providers 2020

Types of Hosting

Once you have got set up with your domain for starting up your site, the next step is to find a service provider to host your domain. 

There are four main types of hosting prevalent today 

Shared (okay for small starter websites, very little scalability or traffic handling capabilities)

VPS (your own virtual nook in a shared server, much better than Shared hosting, less traffic spike handling)

Dedicated (dedicated server for only your website, costly but good, best for brands/corporations)

Cloud (latest in technology, lot of scalability and options available, costly)

Why and when to go for VPS hosting?

You should opt to go for VPS hosting if :

– You are looking for a cost effective alternative to shared hosting with much better performance

– You want to make money off your website, as it’s not just an afterthought and you have a monetisation plan in place

– You are starting off an e-commerce store 

– You are looking for easy upgradation if required

VPS is a much better performance and cost alternative to Shared Hosting, and not many people can afford dedicated or cloud.

So, for starting off, we at Nascent Rocket, prefer VPS to Shared. 

However, once you have found steady, good traffic, it might be a good choice to switch to cloud, if not dedicated.

What are we looking at in the best VPS providers?

The main factors that we are looking for are :

– Low downtimes

– Performance value for money

– Ease of set-up (technical background required or not?)

– Support, support and support! (most important for any tech solution)

And the astonishing thing that we have found out is, many of the better sites on the internet in this domain, are suggesting brands that are simply bad in their performance, mostly because of high marketing spends and big affiliate programs.

So, here we have not put forward many names, only two – and both we believe are the best in the VPS domain.



Linode is a developer-friendly VPS service providers, based on Linux.


Performance wise, Linode is a great choice

– Cost is extremely affordable – their Nanode plan for 1 GB RAM and 25 GB storage starts from only 5$/month

– Terrific for developers with UNIX knowledge, configurations can be greatly customised

– Support is good for a tech company, response is okay in TAT and resolution


– If you are not someone with a technical background, you will find it slightly difficult to set everything up, however, their documentation is excellent and support helps out too

Linode’s standard plans are as follows (apart from the Nanode plan) :

linode plans
Our Score - 4.7

When it comes to VPS, we believe that Linode is the most cost effective and performance wise the best choice. However, our second choice, Vultr, is also good if you are a complete non-programmer.



Vultr is a VPS provider with multiple OS and hosting plans available, as well as application-based hosting, which means that you can install sites based on WordPress, etc. with a single click.


– Large variety of hosting options available – be it OS or Application-wise

– Costing is very cheap, starting at 5$/month with 1 GB RAM/1000 GB Bandwidth, which is crazy

– Downtimes are low, although they have scheduled maintenance from time to time

– Lots of upgrades available

– Installation is very easy, works even if you are a complete programming dud


– Support is not that good, responses can be a bit not up to the mark, in our personal experience

Here is a look at the various options for Vultr :


vultr plans
Our Score - 4.5

While Vultr can be a mixed bag sometimes due to support, we have run multiple websites on Vultr, and we haven’t had much to complain about in regard to downtimes or service. It is a very good option, and the best one if you don’t have programming experience in Linux, for Linode.

What’s more, you can sign up with the link below and get a special 100$ discount on your hosting fees, valid for 30 days.

So, in short, you can try out any plan for free for the first month.

Happy Building!

Do let us know if we can help, or if you have any questions. We are happy to help!

If you are looking for custom services, do check out our Services tab for solutions. We have tailor made long-term offerings for start-ups, personal projects, SMEs and brands; as well as standalone deployments.

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