The 4 Best Page Builders for WordPress development in 2020

best page builders for wordpress

Choosing the Best WordPress Page Builder

While we deliberated on the 6 most important parameters to keep in mind while choosing a theme for your new WordPress site in our previous post, we also looked at the five best free themes for starting off a WordPress site here.

Soon, we will also be covering the best domain-wise premium themes.

However, no matter what theme you buy, be it free or premium, the page templates that come with them would have to be built with a tool that is a Page Builder. A Page Builder makes your job a thousand times easy to insert widgets and page-parts that can elevate the UI on a page to another level.

While WordPress comes with the Classic Editor, that is quite good for normal blog posts, for businesses, agencies, portfolios or any other website from where you are looking to make money, mere posting wouldn’t cut it in this day and age.

You need sleek UI, and that too while not compromising on the quality of the content.

So, we at Nascent Rocket, have gone out to try and figure out the best page builders for wordpress in 2020.

We have made a list of 4 page builders which come out as the best to us, based on the following parameters:

  • interface
  • ease of use
  • widgets available
  • styling options
  • features in the free version
  • templates and other features
  • ease of uninstall if needed
  • pricing options for premium
Please do note that most of them have good free versions that you can make a fully functioning quality website. 
However, to go that one step extra, you would need all the widgets and options that come along with their PRO or Premium versions. We have included features and pricing links as well. And none of the page builders mentioned here have premium versions that would be very heavy on the pocket.
So. let’s jump right into it.



Astra is a new age theme – with focus on speed, being lightweight and ease of use. 


– Interface is very fast and easy to use, with Live Preview available 

– 58 widgets are available, with as many as 28 being available in the free version itself

– Styling options are good

– Lots of demo templates are available and you can also save your own templates and even, build your own themes

– No issues with short-codes post uninstall

– Upgrade to premium starts at only 49$ yearly


– The Text Editor is slightly laggy at times, especially with a large amount of text

3000000 +
0 /5
0 +
Our Score - 4.9


Elementor is hands down the best page builder for wordpress available on the market today, be it the Free or the PRO version.



DIVI is the perfect, ultra-modern, abstract page builder.


– Has both backend and frontend interfaces

– 46 different widgets are available

– 316 different pre-loaded templates are available

– Styling options and theme building options available, even scope for A/B testing is there


– Price is comparatively higher, starting at 89$ yearly, although for unlimited websites

– Short-code based, so uninstalling is a hassle as it leaves codes back in its track

WordPress.org installs and scores data for DIVI is not available as the page builder is available from the parent website. Reviews for DIVI are extremely positive and support is also something that Elegant Themes is known for.

Our Score - 4.7

DIVI is perfect for ultra-modern websites – technology and blockchain are two domains where DIVI is even better than Elementor.


beaver builder

Beaver Builder has been on the scene for many years now. While surpassed in recent times in popularity by Elementor and Divi, it still continues to be a stalwart in the space.


– Fullscreen preview and inline text editing is available

– 56 templates and Save Template options available in the premium version

– Unique toggling options for Signed In/Not Signed In users

– Leaves behind clean code if uninstalled


– Price is comparatively higher, starting at 99$, although for unlimited sites

– The free version has only 6 widgets, with another 30 in premium

200000 +
0 /5
0 +
Our Score - 4.3


Beaver Builder is a solid option for business websites. Though the free version is basic, the premium version has a lot of good options that ranks it at our #3 spot.



Design-wise, Hestia by Themeisle has simply one of the most beautiful UI-s you can ever want from a free WordPress theme.


– Front and backend interfaces are available

– Though not as good as Elementor or Divi, styling options are available

– Over 250+ add-ons available

– Upgrade to premium is cheap, at only 45$


– Interface and styling is a bit outdated compared to the best in class ones

– Only around 35 widgets are available

Just like DIVI, WPBakery is not listed in the WordPress.org store; so it has to be installed from the parent website only. However, reviews for WPBakery are quite positive from the marketplaces it’s available on, and its parent website boasts of 4.3Mn+ users.

Our Score - 4.2

Happy Building!

Do let us know if we can help, or if you have any questions. We are happy to help!

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