Business in the time of Pandemic – Full eBook

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What’s included in the book :

  • Introduction
  • Five detailed marketing strategies on business adaption in the post-COVID era
  • Four unique six-digit+ new startup ideas post-COVID
  • Detailed Feedback Form – with flat 50% discounts for related books and e-seminars, as well as business setup and sourcing needs from India, if needed

Also, 10% of all purchases would be used for Pandemic Relief.

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The coronavirus pandemic has taken the world by storm since late last year; and the business world, has suffered a huge setback. Already reeling markets are now down in the dumps; jobs are being lost left, right and centre; and businesses are finding it very hard to survive under the government-imposed lockdowns across the world.

It is truly the crisis of this generation!

But we know that, Crisis is the Entrepreneur’s ultimate opportunity! We love to solve problems of the real world – that is what gives us and our startups the innate value; and there could be no bigger crisis we see in our lives than this pandemic. And within it, lies Opportunity!

This publication from Nascent Rocket will try to show a little light in the already grim situation – be it for tweaks in marketing strategies for existing businesses, or new MVP ideas that can be put into action.

Unlike every other digital marketing website strewn around the internet, our team has MBAs from top B-schools in India, with work experience in top corporate brands like JnJ, Maruti, Cognizant, and others; and we have tried our best to put together something that truly helps you in the near future.

Also, we offer a comprehensive feedback form, where you can not only provide suggestions, but also ask any questions that you may have related to the book, or the current or future business scenario. You can also sign up for future seminars and ebook projects at a flat 50% discount, without any payment upfront whatsoever.

15 reviews for Business in the time of Pandemic – Full eBook

  1. Cody Schulman

    full marks for communication.

  2. Myrcela

    Quick read. Very visually depictive presentation. Will be testing out the ’emotion’ ads soon. Hooked!

  3. Esteban Vucinic

    definitely worth the price, waiting for future publications as well.

  4. David Paine

    wanted to learn more for my money

  5. Arryan Priyadarshi

    IT was a really good read – the subsequent business chats with them have also been good – very experienced and educated group of guys; still very polite.

  6. Jeremy Swinhoe

    The best part was, they answered my queries in a single day – I feel much more confident about starting my second side gig now

  7. Fedor Schult

    Gave me a lot of insights on how to manage my business post the virus.

  8. Daryl Thomson

    really liked the microinfluencing and freelancing ideas – all were good, but those two stood out to me.

  9. Shubhajit Ghosh

    Loved their after sales pitch and relationship management. The book was good.

  10. Robin Braktz

    This book exceeded my expectations. A bit wary of a lesser known firm, I tried out their trial version at first, liked it, and bought the full ebook. The strategies are really good. While the ideas are worth visiting as well.

    This was way more analytical than most of the top market research products put out their during this pandemic.

  11. Ridhhi Sinha

    in 1 hour, I was able to understand the present marketing landscape so much better. Thanks Nascent Rocket for a great publication!

  12. Martin McBaxter

    At this price, it is so much better than the other digital trends books I have read in the past month

  13. Pam Robbins

    Signed up for all the discounts for the subsequent lectures. I want to see where these ideas can go.

  14. Ranjan Siriwardene

    Good read!!

  15. Oscar Nunes

    wish it went into more detail as to how to proceed with the ideas.

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