Best Free E-commerce Themes for Woo in 2020


Choosing the Best Free E-commerce Themes

It is perfectly fine to start off a new online store on a tight budget, and scale as things go on. 

WordPress themes have developed manifold, and in recent times, even the best themes have started following a Freemium model, which allows amateurs to test out many good themes for free, and in fact, continue to build sites on them, if they like it. 

Hence, we at Nascent Rocket, have put together our pick of the five best e-commerce focused themes that come for free. Some of them are also quite affordable to upgrade, as a matter of fact.

The main parameters that we have been looking at are :

  • design – product and category layouts available
  • woocommerce integration and optimisation
  • product display options and short-code feasibility
  • availability of one-click demo imports
  • ease and affordability of upgrade if required
You will see here, that we have chosen three multi-purpose themes here – in Astra, OceanWP and Hestia, as great e-commerce themes as well; mostly due to the fact, that 

– the design and code on these themes are top notch

– they are compatible with the best page builders like Elementor among others
– they have constant updates and great free demos to choose from for e-commerce.


Hence, rather than go for mediocre dedicated e-commerce themes, we have chosen to go for better multi-purpose ones that also have free demos and good designs for woocommerce.


zigcy lite

Zigcy is an e-commerce dedicated theme, and its Lite version is a good one to start your store with.

One of the top SEO optimised and translation ready woocommerce themes

– 3 one-click demo imports available for e-commerce, for fashion, furniture, etc.

– Product pages are sleek and well designed with nice CTAs

-Upgrade to premium brings a lot of good additions, and costs only 50$

Since Zigcy is hosted on its own parent website by AccessThemes, its exact installations and reviews are not available as a public repository. 

However, the overall theme design, code and support are given positive feedback on by the community.

Our Score - 4.6


Zigcy is one of our top picks, because of its being a dedicated woocommerce theme, as well as easy upgrade at an affordable cost to bring in loads of added features.


astra theme

Astra is a new age multi-purpose theme – with focus on speed, being lightweight and ease of use. It has fast gone on to become one of the highest installed themes of all time, with over 7Mn+ active installations, which speaks volumes about the quality of the theme.

– Astra comes with many demo imports in the free version; the Brandstore demo is a nice fit for e-commerce stores 

– It’s very fast, and a fully responsive theme with low page load times

– Supports most major plugins and is compatible with Elementor – the top page builder

– Custom layout options are there along with LearnDash support

-Upgrade to PRO version is quite cost effective, starting only at 49$

Astra is one of the fastest growing themes in WordPress with over 700000+ installs.

astra brandstore
200000 +
0 /5
0 +
Our Score - 4.5


So, all in all, the ASTRA theme is a wonderful free theme to build your store on. The upgrade to the PRO version is also quite easy and starts at only 49$, and it comes with many added features.


oceanwp theme

OceanWP is one of our favourite multi-purpose themes here at Nascent Rocket. 

It’s the perfect embodiment of a modern, sleek, multi-purpose, responsive theme; and it has good e-commerce friendly features and demos as well. 

– Fully responsive in nature, comparatively fast in page load as well

– Quality of demos is very good, you can import them using the OceanWP Demo Import plugin, online store based demos are good

– Custom layout options are there; extensions are also quite useful in functionality

-Upgrade to premium versions is quite cost effective, starting only at 31$


200000 +
0 /5
0 +
Our Score - 4.3

OceanWP is one of our favourite themes, as we mentioned earlier, but for bringing out its best features, upgrade to a premium version should be considered, as it does have a bit of dependence on premium extensions. 



Neve from Themeisle, is a beautiful modern theme; it’s focused on speed and low site load speeds, and is a very lightweight theme.

Sophisticated design and lightweight code call for lower Bounce Rates for your customers

– Default wordpress install is as small as 28 KB in size

– Dedicated e-commerce demo import in the form of Neve Shop is available

-Upgrade to PRO version is at 59$

Since Neve is hosted on its own parent website by Themeisle, its exact installations and reviews are not available as a public repository. 

However, the our experience with the theme has been good.

Our Score - 4.3


For a starter online store, Neve could be a lovely theme to start operations with, especially in the fashion domain due to its elegant design.

HESTIA woocommerce

hestia theme

Design-wise, Hestia by Themeisle has simply one of the most beautiful UI-s you can ever want from a free WordPress theme, which makes it a great choice for a free theme to start your store on.

– Design is very beautiful and modern, UI is its strongest suit

– Fully responsive and supports all major page builders

– Perfect for personal/group ventures and small businesses, premium plans start at approx. 49$ annually


200000 +
0 /5
0 +
Our Score - 4.2

Happy Building!

Do let us know if we can help, or if you have any questions. We are happy to help!

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