The Best Free Themes for Shopify in 2020


Choosing the Best Free Shopify Themes

Shopify is very different from WordPress in many ways. 

One, it comes for a decent monthly pocket pinch.

Secondly, unlike WordPress or Woocommerce, which are essentially open source projects, Shopify is a firm – and it very very rarely offers any freebies whatsoever.

It has a total of only 8 themes available for installation in its designated store; and most of them are not really much good. Also, add to this the fact that most premium theme on the Shopify store cost ~100$+, and you would understand how important and difficult finding a good Shopify free theme is.

So, we at Nascent Rocket have put together a list of the same. Unlike our post on free themes for Woocommerce, where we took into account many parameters like 

  • design – product and category layouts available
  • woocommerce integration and optimisation
  • product display options and short-code feasibility
  • availability of one-click demo imports
  • ease and affordability of upgrade if required,
here, we would be looking at only a few things like functions and features, styles available, product repositories supported, and user feedback – the latter being the most important parameter; because, as Shopify is coded in Liquid, it is not easy to shake things up very easily if your theme doesn’t perform well after a few days or weeks.
Also, we would not be adding any semi-decent themes to the list, so, it will be a short one with only 3 names. But the names on it, are good.



Minimal is a theme with a minimalistic and modern outlook, suitable for medium sized catalogue of products, in your shopify store

It has 3 styles; namely, Vintage, Fashion & Modern

– The design and layouts are sleek and the theme is fast

– SEO optimised and includes free stock photos by Burst

– Theme with the best feedback on Shopify (among free themes) – 86% positive

Our Score - 4.6


If you want to go for a free, modern -looking theme for your store on Shopify, Minimal is your best bet. However, the build of the theme is most suited for non-fashion products.



Simple is another modern minimalistic free shopify theme, though comparatively less in use than Minimal.

– Comes with 3 styles, Light, Beauty and Toy; so, it’s suited for a wide range of products

– Fast theme and adapts well in mobile

– Community feedback is positive, with 83% reviewing the theme positively

– SEO optimised and comes with free stock photos by Burst

Our Score - 4.5


Simple is a nice theme on the Shopify store, and it’s well suited for a medium size catalogue of products, but it’s versatile across product types.



Brooklyn has been the most well known free theme on shopify for a while now; especially, for fashion stores and brands just starting out.

– Perfect fit for fashion and clothing

– Has 2 styles, Classic & Playful, with the latter bringing a more splashy palette to the fray

– Theme feedback is good with 75% positive reviews

– Free stock photos for use by Burst


Our Score - 4.3

For fashion stores, Brooklyn is as good an alternative as Simple, and a better one than Minimal.

Happy Building!

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