The Best Domain options for your Shopify store in 2020


How Domain Names Work

The very first step towards creating a new shopify store, is purchasing a domain name for the website. The good thing about shopify is that it comes with hosting and SSL, so once the domain is linked, you are good to go without any additional steps.

When you enter your website name in a browser, that request is 

– sent to a global network of servers called the Domain Name System or DNS

– the DNS looks up the name-servers associated with your domain, and forwards the same to your hosting firm

– your hosting provider, then, forwards the request to the IP where your website is hosted out of

– finally, the data is sent back to the receiver and displayed in the browse

dns system

Domain Types

There are multiple types of domain names, ending in abbreviations that echo their standard type of website 

.com is short for Commercial, and is the most common domain in use

.edu is short for Education, and hence mostly represents centres of learning

.gov represents Govt websites (it is a restricted domain shorthand, and not up for public use)

.net represents Network, and while initially it was supposed to be somewhat a restricted level domain, it has now become one of the most popular ones, right after .com

– .org represents Organisation, and while initially intended for only nonprofits or charities, that has not been upheld, so the next time you see a .org website, it may or may not be a nonprofit

.io was meant to be a Country Code Domain Extension (ccTLD) for the British Oceanic Territory, but has been adopted by many tech startups, because of resemblance to input/output nomenclature in tech

.ai is a Country Code Domain Extension (ccTLD) for Anguilla, but many AI startups have started using it because of its novelty

For your shopify store, you should be strictly looking at using a .com domain, and not ccTLD domains.

Choosing a Domain Name

The main pointers that you should be going through while choosing a domain name for your website are as follows:


– For SEO purposes, you should be choosing the best possible domain name for your website. Tools are available on websites like SemRush.

– If you have any intention at targeting your website to a global audience, you must refrain from choosing a ccTLD domain, i.e. – domains like .us, .uk, .in, etc.


– Any standard .com domain shouldn’t cost you more than 15$ annually, without add-ons. If you are being charged more, it would be a good idea to verify the site credentials. Purchase of any custom domain, however, is different


– While buying any domain name, support offered and the reviews of the support system must be verified; Websites like Trustpilot are good options for checking the veracity of claims made on the site.

That being said, let’s look at a list of our pick for the Top 3 Domain provider choices for Shopify stores currently.


shopify domains

Unlike other CMS platforms or e-commerce tool platforms like WordPress + Woocommerce, Shopify offers the choice to you, to be the one stop solution for your web needs. Hosting is already included in the monthly plan for your store (and may we say, that Shopify hosting is great), and it also allows you to buy and link a domain in the same sprint.


 One stop solution, integration with hosting is seamless, as it’s basically a managed application

– The linkage is seamless and you can expect less problems than when hosting and domain are purchased from two separate providers

– Shopify support is well-known for being diligent and active

– Pricing starts from only 11$, which is very competitive 


– None as such

Our Score - 4.9


Shopify is famous for the quality of the services it offers. And there’s nothing better than setting up your store seamlessly and focusing on what you do best – selling!



Domain.com is one of the oldest registrars and the biggest player in the domain registration space.


Support is good and prompt

– Reliability is there, it’s one of the oldest names in the field

– User panel is good in outlook, and easy to use

– Prices are stable, and bracketed


– You have to link your DNS to shopify hosting separately, though that literally takes less than a minute.

Our Score - 4.8

Domain.com is the most reliable name when it comes to a new domain, however, their prices could 1-2$ higher than the other names on this list. But quality wise, it’s top notch.



Namecheap is another domain and hosting service provider that has been around for a while now. Its services include TLDs, SSL, multiple types of hosting, website builders and another assorted technological products.


– Support is prompt and helpful

– Prices are stable and cheaper than domain.com in general

– Reliability is there – it’s an established name for a while now

– Lots of add-ons available


– Control panel could be better in design

Our Score - 4.5

Namecheap is a good enough option as any for starting out for your e-commerce store. Especially if you are looking at saving 5$-ish on your domain, Namecheap is as good a choice as any.

Happy Building!

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