Standalone Digital Solutions

Website/E-commerce Deployment

- Build fully responsive websites for blogs, content, or dedicated e-commerce via Shopify, Woocommerce or Magento
- Get delivery within 3 business days
- Fully set-up with Google and Facebook Analytics

Content Curation

- Get content for your blog, news website, LMS or affiliate website, to name a few, within 3 business days
- Get pixel-perfect ad copies created on a pro rata basis
- Fully optimised for SEO, and social media-specific

Optimise for Search Engines

- Get a site audit done, understand pain points and get the same tweaked
- Covers both organic SEO, and paid Google Network Ads (SEM)
- Get a diagnosis and action plan in 3 business days

Funnel Building for Leads

- Build a new post-COVID 4-step conversion funnel and gain Emotions and Conversions via FB Network advertising
- Build laser targeted custom audiences to scale up ROI from ads
- Get a step-by-step action plan in 3 business days

Package Digital Solutions


Best For

Go live with your MVP, figure out the Product-Market Fit, and generate early traction

Will the idea work? Build funnels to generate early sales, and get a taste of the ROI from your idea to make better informed decisions.

In this age, you must take your existing business online, as you already have what most businesses want – a steady database of leads!

Solution Features

We are by your side to solve whatever is bothering you, be it setups, installations, ad copies, or ad delivery.

At this nascent stage, ideation and building new funnels would be the backbone of decision making.

If realising product-market fit is your job; realising product-media fit is ours.

Payment Options

  • Equity only
  • Cash + Equity
  • Cash only


Best For

Powering the next stage of fast growth via rapid scaling of ads and organic content leads.

Translate your successful brick-and-mortar business into an even better omni-channel presence, by manifolding leads through online media.

Perfect for mid and small scale industries to grow into their next stage of expansion via rapid acquisition of customers

Solution Features

At this stage in a business, scaling ads for higher ROIs is a significant objective.

Lookalike audiences must be played with starting from a 1% and increasing to a 5% level, to take the product to a larger audience.

Mini and micro influencers are amazingly effective ways to generate organic traction for your brand, something very important in these times.

Payment Options

  • Cash + Equity
  • Cash only


Best For

Use your website visitors’ profile, your existing customer base and lookalike audiences to expand your niche customer base by the thousands.

Use VOC to tweak or introduce new products and ranges – divest or concentrate your portfolio for better targeted products for your audience.

Reach more businesses and decision makers online via content curation on LinkedIn, as well as drive product value through Awareness & Consideration campaigns.

Solution Features

The new era of digital would be primarily focused on eliciting emotions in your audience base, instead of general sales leads only.

What is the Customer thinking? How is the Customer feeling? The larger the audience, the more micro-reactions matter.

Dashboard based tools to take a bird’s eye view of all promotional media and VOC on said media is important, response needs to meet expectation and also be prompt.

Payment Options

  • Cash only