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Business in the time of Pandemic full ebook


The coronavirus pandemic has taken the world by storm since late last year; and the business world, has suffered a huge setback. Already reeling markets are now down in the dumps; jobs are being lost left, right and centre; and businesses are finding it very hard to survive under lockdown.

It is truly the crisis of this generation!

But we know that, Crisis is the Entrepreneur’s ultimate opportunity! We love to solve problems of the real world – that is what gives us and our startups the innate value; and there could be no bigger crisis we see in our lives than this pandemic. And within it, lies Opportunity!

This publication from Nascent Rocket will try to show a little light in the already grim situation – be it for tweaks in marketing strategies for existing businesses, or new MVP ideas that can be put into action.

Our team of experts has MBAs from top B-schools, with work experience in top corporate brands like JnJ, Maruti, Cognizant, and others.

Also, we offer a comprehensive feedback form, where you can not only provide suggestions, but also ask any questions that you may have related to the book, or the current or future business scenario. You can also sign up for future seminars and ebook projects at a flat 50% discount, without any payment upfront whatsoever.

Salient Features

Boost your brand appeal and increasing ad conversions by modifying your Sales Funnel and Organic Micro-influencing.

Stand out among competitors using Social Proof of Care to get and leverage more organic traction.

Open business doors by reaching out to +competitive suppliers in India, Vietnam and other Asian nations.

Begin your journey on the next 7-figure idea by taking inspiration from our MVP suggestions

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